Stop poisoning your body!

You want to eat healthily and honestly. But not everybody wants to give up on sweets. In the last fifty years, we tripled our consumption of sugar. Tripled! All Americans are weighing now 12 kilos more than they did 25 years ago. One of the main reasons was the anti-fat rage. And the food industryContinue reading “Stop poisoning your body!”

Kidnapped by an airline

I was kidnapped. Not by a confused man, not by ISIS but by a company, an airline company; and even worse: one of the highest rated airline businesses in the world, Qatar Airways. To put nice things first: I always had excellent experiences with Qatar. It is a very convenient airline. The crew is veryContinue reading “Kidnapped by an airline”

Did I just create a border conflict?

Never knew I would be responsible for starting a border conflict where both borders would refuse each car and motorbike to cross. Last Monday we needed to go to Vietnam to collect cacao pods for our new cacao nursery. Although I had the right forms to cross, the Cambodian officers advised me to add moreContinue reading “Did I just create a border conflict?”