Stop poisoning your body!

You want to eat healthily and honestly. But not everybody wants to give up on sweets. In the last fifty years, we tripled our consumption of sugar. Tripled! All Americans are weighing now 12 kilos more than they did 25 years ago. One of the main reasons was the anti-fat rage. And the food industry listened… and replaced fat for carbohydrates from sugar. So our sugar consumption spiked in the past 25 years. Consumption of heavily processed sugar. Poisonous sugar. Sugar that is bleached with sulphur dioxide and β€˜enriched’ with phosphoric acid and carbon dioxide.

It is very difficult to take a step back in our consumption of the dangerous sweetener. Sugar is addictive. And it makes you desire for more. In general, people should at least try to reduce the amount of sugar intake. But maybe even more important: knowing how poisonous processed sugar is, people should replace their bleached sugar for a natural alternative. And that’s where our Kamkav Farm Palm Blossom Sugar steps in. It is one of the natural alternatives. And an amazing one: organic, unrefined, unblended and still containing all nutrients and minerals. Gained from the Borassus Flabellifer on the fertile soils of Cambodia, the kingdom of Wonder. Still treated in the most natural way by Cambodians for whom organic is not a trend but just a way how it always was.

Just to clarify the advances of our Cambodian palm blossom sugar:

🌎 it is pure nature, coming from the nectar of the unique Cambodian Palm Tree

🌎 it is only collected once the tree reaches the age of 20 years

🌎 it is organic

🌎 it is unblended

🌎 it is unrefined; only cooked, stirred and dried

🌎 we selected almost 50 selected ethnic families who collect the nectar twice a day and whom we pay a premium on top of the market price

🌎 we consistently guide the families to keep the quality at the highest levels possible

🌎 it has a low impact on blood glucose levels (Glycemic Index of 35; against 68 for table sugar)

🌎 it is more appropriate for diabetics

🌎 it still contains all nutrients and minerals

Don’t wait too long! Start today by reducing your intake of sugars,and replacing the sugars you are consuming by natural alternatives. Of course, we would like you to buy and eat our Kamkav farm palm blossom sugar. We are eating it now ourselves because it also tastes so good. But there are many other alternatives as well: coconut blossom sugar, maple syrup, agave syrup, Stevia, Lo Han. Enough choices. But most important is: get back your health!Β 

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