Costume Events

Back in 2001, I initiated a public event called ‘Kingdom of Elfia’. Throughout the years, it has grown to two large-scale costume events at the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands. In 2021 the concept ‘Fairy Nights’ was added.


In the most remote province of the kingdom of Cambodia, I started a cacao farm together with my Khmer business partner; the first Cambodian cacao in history. Now we are guiding 38 farmers, mostly from the tribal Bunong community to earn money with cacao as well. Our province Mondulkiri is known for elephants, and huge waterfalls. We will make it known worldwide as the cacao province of Cambodia.

Prison Passport

The extraordinary autobiography by a Dutchman who was erased

Strange Encounters

On my travels in Asia and Europe I encountered the most amazing but sometimes also strange and frightening people

“The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear”

Aung San Suu Kyi

Special Deal

Here you can get my autobiography for free on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2021. Click the link below.


I was locked up in a very primitive prison in the remote highlands of Cambodia because my Vietnamese lover committed a horrible crime. Influenced by a very strong anti-Vietnamese public sentiment, the Cambodian government took away my freedom. At the same time, the Dutch government took away my nationality, my name, and my identity.

“Prison Passport”

Out now!

Thoee experiences made me realize the deeper values of identity and of a first-world passport. And how free citizens of some countries are, while third-world passport holders are being restricted in their movements, their opportunities, their freedoms.

Prison time comes with a finish line (in most cases). But a third-world citizen is locked up for life. Is this fair? Is it not about time that we open up the discussion on nation-states and world citizenship?